An Introduction to NIKNAM MARINE FARABAR Group
(International Transport Inc.)

A logistic group, registered with the number 474483, and based in Tehran, Iran, NIKNAM FARABAR Inc. has official licenses from the Ministry of Roads and Transportation and the Customs Organization, and was established in the year 2015 (1394).
NIKNAM FARABAR Inc. is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), International Transportation Companies Association (ITCA), and Iran’s Chamber of Commerce. This company owns 120 tent trucks and offers transportation services for both exported freight and imported freight, in cooperation with its subsidiary company, ROSE RAAH PARSEH International Transportation Inc. Our service delivers the freight in the shortest time possible both as a courier and a forwarder, with the most reasonable price, using the most advanced international transportation methods, and in compliance with European standards.
NIKNAM FARABAR Logistic Group prides in its brilliant history of achievements in the fields of import, export, transit, obtaining permits from the customs office and completing customs procedures. The company has a successful experience of transporting various petrochemical products, different gold and other metal bullions, ore (raw and chopped), and mechanical parts to and from Europe and Central Asia.
Having a representative with storage tanks in operation at The Port of Mersin and Istanbul Port in Turkey, this company can store and transport freight in the CROSS-STAFF method via these ports to all the ports around the globe.


‹‹ Some of the projects successfully undertaken by NIKNAM FARABAR Inc. ››

● Transporting exported petrochemical cargo from Imam Khomeini’s refineries
● Transporting exported petrochemical cargo from Asaluyeh’s refineries
● Transporting exported petrochemical cargo from Isfahan’s refinery
● Transporting petrochemical cargo from Shazand’s refinery
● Transporting petrochemical cargo from Petro-Pak and Petro-Artan’s refineries
● Transporting raw ore and slab tiles to Turkey and Europe
● Transporting exported cargo of alloy manufacturers
● Transporting imported cargo of equipment and machinery for Safahan Textile Factory
● Transporting imported cargo of spinning equipment and machinery for Khosravi Spinning Factory
● Transporting imported cargo of equipment and machinery for Shiraz Pars Bu-Ali Factories


‹‹ Official Representatives ››

● Australia’s Rep.: PONTIS LOGISTIC GMBH
● Belgium’s Rep.: RHENUS LOGISTIC

Boasting a highly experienced staff possessed of up-to-date logistic knowledge and well-informed on the international transportation regulations, NIKNAM FARABAR Inc. will be your consultant through all the stages of your transportation process and will offer you the most professional logistic solutions.




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